You’re Getting Better

Here’s to “getting better”.

Whatever it may be…

You got stronger.

You made more money this month.

You’ve been consistent in pursuing your goals.

You made a couple of new friends, and it seems like they may like your awkward ass…

You met a girl.

Congratulations! You’re gettin’ better.

Pretty rough around the edges, but, overall, improving
Excellent… Excellent.

You should be grateful about this.

Use it to build momentum. Create a rapid climb in competency.

Of course- you’ll plateau again. That’s normal.

You’ll learn to pick yourself up and get momentum going again.

Perhaps, one day…

You bench 225lbs.

You make money online.

You have a clear grasp on concepts that have boggled your mind in the past.

You have many close friends and family members…

You get married.

Here’s to finding yourself in a better place.

Here’s to avoiding tragedy. For a little longer.

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