Your Net Worth is Your Network

Did you think this famous quote, that is almost a cliche now, would be applicable to affiliate marketing?

I mean, the reason why a lot of people go into the digital marketing industry is because they prefer interacting with computer screens and statistics instead of actual people.

Well, they were wise in their decision because the technical aspect of digital marketing is very much a solitary activity. We definitely do spend a lot of time by ourselves, away from the anxiety provoking landscape of social interaction.

Unfortunately, a major component of business-building activity is based in networking. And guess what? Affiliate marketing is a business.

So, although you have to be at a relative technical proficiency to excel in digital marketing, it is not the main criteria for major success.

In fact, a lot digital marketing is pretty simple, and does not need a high technical skill set to accomplish. Trust me, I have friends in software development and other STEM-related industries, and a lot of the “technical work” I do, in comparison, is like ordering a pizza on your cellphone.

From what I’ve seen those who only excel in the “technical aspects” of digital marketing end up working for big agencies and advertisers, doing the grunt work, and not getting the largest slice of the pie 😉

Why do Affiliate Marketers Make a lot of Money?

There are 3 main components in a sales process.

  1. Trust building
  2. The Pitch
  3. The sale (conversion)

Obviously, we can elaborate and go into every step, and make them seem infinitely complex. But in the end it comes down to- who do people buy from, and why?

Why do companies, like car manufacturers, hire salesman, and pay them a lofty commission of every car that is sold by them?

There is a lot of value in being the bridge between a consumer and the company that produces the product. The human aspect of consumerism is often overlooked. At least it is overlooked by those who are first entering into a business endeavor.

Every product needs marketing in order to be successful. For the very fact that consumers need to know what they are buying and if what they are buying is of high quality. To go deeper into this though, we often need validation from someone we trust, and from who we deem an expert, before we make a purchase. Especially a big purchase.

Even marketers who stay behind the screen, they create content just sales pages and advertorials that have the purpose of building that human-connection.

So if you’re one of those guys running native ads like a madman, you’re still seeking to build human connections, not just making a sale. You’re still serving as the bridge between consumer and product.

How to Grow My Affiliate Marketing Business?

I’m going to give you the secret right now. Once you learn this one principle, this one caveat, you will be a millionaire tomorrow.

I made the mistake of thinking that every course that I enrolled in would serve this purpose for my business. I thought that success depended on what I knew instead of what I did.

Knowledge is useless without action. It isn’t even clear if we really know something until we experience

It was a hard pill for me to swallow, but I learned that networking is a huge part of my business success. The quicker you start to give value to an influencer in your industry, the quicker you’ll start to receive influence yourself.

This does not mean you ploy and plan out manipulative strategies so that you can gain the favors of those you admire. A lot of people do misconstrue networking with ass-kissing. Brown-nosing. The latter is the consequence of the former.

Say you’re interested in a subject, a niche if you will. You want to express yourself. You want to provide value to the world, via your passion for this niche. If you discovered that there are other people doing the same thing, and are already successful at it, what would you do?

Be envious, and reject their work as obsolete and decide that you’ll do better.

No, don’t do that. Most of the time, you can learn from the people that are doing what you are already doing. Because of the internet, and the transparency of information, you can pretty much do exactly what they are doing. It is just a matter of summoning the will to learn and develop the skills necessary to reach that level.

For the longest time, I was uncomfortable with social media. I was too cool for social media. Besides, it’s just a place for people to air their dirty laundry, to engage in gossip and to keep a tab on those who are in their network.

Unfortunately for me, social media is a powerful force in digital marketing. A lot of the entrepreneurs that I look up to use social media. They use it productively, and in a manner that is focused towards building their brand. Well, as uncomfortable as I was with social media platforms, that’s an argument that I can’t deny. I have to learn the platform.

Networking can Happen in Many Ways

You can buy a course, engage with free content, contribute to a Facebook page, create compilation videos etc. etc.

When you decide to engage in these activities, you are essentially using your resources to provide value to people in your network. Yes, a lot of times these activities are free, but wouldn’t you say time is the most valuable resource?

I’ve been on a local-business consulting kick. This is as socially engaging as digital marketing goes. Any of you that have experience in any Business-to-Business careers knows that there is a lot that goes into it.

Learning to introduce yourself confidently, and also communicate your ideas effectively is not an easy task, whatsoever.

If you ever meet someone who is convinced that digital marketing is a get-rich-quick scheme or easy-money, they most likely have not started their journey yet. Within a few months of starting, one will be quickly brought to reality. Success is never easy, and digital marketing is no exception. There are skills that take months to develop.

Fortunately, though, this industry is very lucrative. You can make a lot of money. The juice is worth the squeeze. People that excel in marketing make a lot of money. There is no doubt in this. And believe it or not, networking has a lot to do with this success. Whether it is person-to-person, or with digital tools.

With the power of the internet, your message can reach many people at the same time and across the world. Even though you are just one person sitting on his computer typing words, once those words are typed they can potentially be read by hundreds of thousands of people within days.

Come to think of it, the internet is the biggest network ever created by humans.

You can add value, you can sell, on a scale that is unimaginable even 20 years ago.

There are Levels to This

The income range of digital marketers vary, but the industry is full of careerist. Which means there are entry-level careerist, as well as super millionaire affiliates.

This is good news. It is a applicable skill that seems to follow principles that rewards hard work and dedication.

This is all you can hope for when you decide to enter an industry. There is room for your very own slice of the pie.

I’ve been thinking about this for a while, usually in the despair of another failed campaign- can I be a successful marketer?

Well, the good news is that, barring disabilities, most people can learn the skills necessary to be a successful marketer. Mind you, not everyone has the gifts to become a huge super affiliate making 100’s of millions of dollars. But if you want to make a comfortable living, it is like becoming an Electrician or something.

Learn the skills, and apply them, then. profit.

A skill set that is often overlooked is people-skills. Perhaps that is why there are so many people that are unsuccessful with digital marketing. Since the industry is relatively new, there really isn’t an official guideline and educational institution for it. And I don’t think there ever will be.

In the information-age things are moving faster than any institution can keep up with. The internet itself will always curate and propagate information faster than any institution can keep up with. It is truly a landscape full of entrepreneurs made for entrepreneurs.

Consequently, it is difficult to understand what constitutes successful skill-developement towards digital marketing. For example, a lot of marketers will avoid things that are essential to their success because a course they bought and went over once said it wasn’t necessary to learn.

My view has always been that success is a universal concept. There is a specific perspective one has to develop towards a goal before they can become successful in obtaining it. In short, this perspective is one of deep observation, learning, and innovating.

As an entrepreneur, there is a risk of half-assing or straight out avoiding skills that are essential for our success. Networking skillsi are one of these things.

That’s it for now. Make sure you leave a comment. I’ll get back to you.

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