What Is Native Advertisement (Is It The Next Big Thing?)

Marketing comes in many forms, both digitally and in real life.

The essentials of marketing is to capture attention from people. When they fail to do that, we, as marketers have to innovate and find a way to do so.

This article will make a lot more sense if you read this article I wrote about why marketers ruin everything.

Once you have marketed successfully, you essentially own a slice of that person’s attention. This is a highly valuable acquisition and arguably worth more than money itself.

For the last week I’ve been doing a LOT of research about Native Ads. I took a break for a moment so I can write this article breaking down the essentials of what it is and why it might be the next gold rush (it seems like it right now, at least).

You’ll get a good idea of what Native ads are but I do not know enough about the platform yet to give out strategy tips on offers or networks.

If you’ve never heard of Native Ads before, this will be perfect you.

What Are Native Advertisements?

They are advertisements that have the same format as content on a website.

This is a screenshot of

Native Advertisements beginner
Take a look at that section that says “Paid Content”. The content in those thumbnails has the same format as the native content on the website. As such, this is how this strategy of marketing gets its name.

Marketing is all about staying “fresh”. People are prone to give their attention if they feel like it will genuinely give them value.

It might sound crazy but people don’t like to be advertised to.

Blatant, in your face, types of advertisement actually annoy people and eventually they will smarten up to whatever tactics marketers use.

Are Native Advertisements Good?

A main point of power of this strategy lies in where you are actually seeing these ads. On freaking

The authority that these advertisers receive from that is beyond priceless. It might do a lot of the selling for you.

This is my theory for the marketing situation right now:

I believe that media space like this is being sold very cheap right now because it is flying under the radar, and the supply is huge. There is bascially a land-grab.

Marketers all over the world are learning how to turn media assets into huge amounts of value and continuing to invest that back into the system, essentially attaining the media as an asset.

I said in the last section that people do not like being advertised to. People like to discover things.

I believe Native ads are great because they give users an integrated experience of entertainment and consumerism. The user will feel like he just surfing the web and having stumbled upon a great deal (if you did a good job on finding a great offer), then made a purchase.

This is like content marketing because the content is what gets the consumer in the door, but with even less of an idea that they are being sold to. It does not need to be relevant to anything else on the website but it is “featured” like it was content that is meant to be consumed.

How Does Native Advertisement Work?

Native advertisements are displayed on a widget that is owned by a network.

The network will sell impressions (traffic) to you, and then pay a portion to the publisher (like CNN).

As a marketer, you will be making money on the back end with CPL or CPA.

As a marketer you will be making strategic purchases from these networks with the hopes that the traffic you buy to your ad will convert.

Copy-writing as a skill has been nailed since the early days of distributed media. It is not uncommon to be a high earning copywriter in this day and age of marketing. The formulas are always going to be the same.

No matter how good the copy is though, you can never sell to someone that doesn’t need the product. You know that expression, “can sell water to a fish”?

Well, that is hyperbole.

People buy things that will provide value to them, and sometimes they just need a nudge to remind them of that.

You can only sell someone something that they never knew they needed, but not something that they know they don’t need.

Generally, you can find offers like this in the evergreen niches. I wrote about finding a niche in this article.

A high percentage of every person in the world, at this time moment, want more money (or to save money), have better relationships, or protect their family.

If a deal presents itself, it is very difficult for any of us to overcome our basic desires for more results in the evergreen niches of wealth, sex, and health.

What Does This Mean?

This means the right verticals are out there, you just need to copy them. If you find out that an ad is gaining high amounts of traffic that means it has passed the testing stages and has been scaled.

That means it works.

You can now do this whole process for yourself, for your own business.

The skill that is required to be a successful marketer using Native ads will be the purchasing aspect.

There are a lot of networks to choose from that display on a lot of publishers. Just lots of variables, in general.

Feeling out the data, and buying in the right places, then choosing to scale in those right places. These are some skills that a successful native ad purchaser will need to master.

I’ve been working on this for the last while. It’s a really interesting topic and I’m looking forward to seeing where digital marketing goes next!

Drop a comment below and let me know what you think of native advertisement. Will you be making some purchases or will you wait it out and see if it’s all that its cracked up to be?
I would love to hear from you!

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