What Are Solo Ads?

If you’re an affiliate marketer and you’ve chosen a great product to promote, the next step will be to find a “traffic source” so that you can get this great product in front of prospective buyers.

There are many ways to get traffic. You can write a blog like this one and hopefully Google will rank it high on their search network based on the keywords you’ve tried to rank for. For example, an article like this one would try to rank for keywords like, Solo Ads, Affiliate Marketing, Making Money Online For Beginners, etc. Learn all about his method in this online university.

That Google method that I just mentioned is completely free (although you do have to pay for your website and hosting, but that’s rather cheap, just lay off those Starbucks for a couple of weeks). There are also ways to promote yourself and products with paid traffic sources.

Paid Traffic Sources For Affiliate Marketing

Paid traffic sources are basically the transfer of value from someone who doesn’t have access to traffic (consumer eyes and ears), to someone who does.

Since you don’t have an audience and no access to one, you will give someone money in exchange for this traffic.

It is a fair exchange as long as you are completely sure that you have value to offer to your prospective costumers and that a fair percentage of these prospective customers will buy from you.

In this case, you will make money back from the money that you’ve spent paying the traffic source for their audience.

This is the basic gist of paid sources of traffic in a really simple concept.

For example in PPC traffic, pay per click, say, in the Google network, called Adwords, you will pay for every click on your link.

You will let Google know which keywords you want to rank for, and you will also give a bid so that anyone else that is trying to rank for these keywords will have a fair opportunity to show up in front of their traffic.

In this case, Google will be the network that attracts traffic for you (with their search engine), and you will be paying them with a competitive bid in order to show up in front of an audience.

Paid advertisements may seem like an expedient way to get your ideas and products in front of a relevant audience, but it also requires you to actually have something worth buying or else you will not get your ad-spend back.

In summary, paid advertisement is something that allows anyone, even someone with an insignificant amount of money, to get in front of an audience.

In our situation, we will hope to profit from this attention. Profit means that we have spent less money than we made.

I mean, you can just cause awareness with your ads. The profits can be measured in correlation with other monetization means instead of directly by the link. Like car sales, or customer orders.

Solo ads are advertisements that are emailed to your traffic. Essentially, the traffic is the email list of another marketer, or the email list of the traffic that he is generating with his assets.

Since you will be using your landing page and your affiliate link, you can track the quality of this traffic. Sales will be directly correlated to the advertisement.

Solo Ads: Hit Or Miss

The thing about solo ads is that there are only a few legitimate sellers out there, and a bunch of people that will just take your money.

Even in the trusted network like UDIMI, I would stay away from the super cheap clicks. There are a lot of people that farm their own solo ads and resell them at a higher price.

There are bots.

There are sellers that have horrible traffic.

So the key with solo ads is to test small and then scale.

See if the person is serious, then start to buy more traffic. Even then, slowly.

The great thing about UDIMI is that they do a good job at sorting out the bots. I would still be extra careful whenever I buy solo ads, but you can be sure you will get some testing done if you buy traffic from there.

When solo ads work, then they are quite good. You end up getting a host of new subscribers that read your emails and interact with you. Maybe, even, convert on your offer 😉

Make Sure You Actually Have Something To Say

When solo ads work, you end up with sales or, just as good, subscribers.

You will interact with them through the sales process, providing value, and offering support. Make sure you do this, because it is the point of going on this solo ad adventure in the first place.

You will eventually make sales, and provide a lot of value for your network of entrepreneurs. This can be fulfilling.

In this article, I went over the path you have to take in order to be successful with solo ads. Of course, you can just buy solo ads and direct link them to your affiliate link and try that. Who’s to say that doesn’t work, right?

Well, there could be a lesson waiting to be learned there. Provide as much value as possible.

Let me know what you think of solo ads in the comments below! I’d love to hear from you.

If you’re confident with your knowledge of marketing and want to buy some solo ads, then check out UDIMI.





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  1. Thanks a lot for this review. I found it extremely informative and helpful. I like the way you point out the potential pitfalls with solo ads, and how we must always keep in mind the importance of adding value and having something to say. I’m still developing my organic traffic through SEO, and I am steadily inching my way towards paid traffic sources, so long as I ensure I’ve got something worthwhile to share. :-). I’ll be referring to your blog often as I continue to convert my growing education into results. Thanks for sharing.

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      Glad you enjoyed the article! It is wise of you to focus on one of thing at a time, such as with organic SEO. Reinvest the money you make with that into paid ads and you’ll have a self-sustaining gigantic business in very little time. Thanks for the kind words, man. I’ll see you around.


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