The Power of Facebook Ads

Are you using paid traffic in your digital marketing business yet?

Paid traffic is the most time efficient way to get your high value offer out to your appropriate audience. I have gone over a few avenues of paid-traffic in the past, being native ads and solo ads. Obviously, when you decide to invest your hard-earned money into your business, things become a bit more serious.

It is going to be something that you think over carefully before you execute, making sure that your offer is sound, and that all your links and tracking are firing properly. This is especially true if you’re running ads for clients. You really have to have your stuff together.

Once you do have the fundamentals down though, there is a lot of value you can provide by running paid ads, either for clients or for your own business.

Here’s why I think Facebook ads can change your life.

Everyone’s On Facebook

I was listening to a radio show on the drive to work one day. For some reason, I enjoy listening to the radio when I’m going to work instead of listening to podcasts or Spotify. There’s something nostalgic about it because my mom would play the radio whenever she drove me to school in my public school-days.

Anyway, the topic of discussion between the two hosts was whether they could date someone that didn’t have a Facebook account.

The female host was quite adamant that she could not do that, and that it was “creepy”, and “what is he trying to hide?”. Whereas the male host was a little more nonchalant about his answer, but also expressed that he would be a little suspicious of someone who did not have a Facebook account.

This made me think about how Facebook has become the digital social playground for the last decade. There are a bunch of people I know that spend most of their downtime scrolling down their Facebook feed. People in my network spend a varying amount of time catering their pictures and thinking about the appearance of their Facebook page.

Humans are social creatures, and we have a biological desire to be plugged into our network. The most common way people do that these days is with the internet, and the tool we do that with is social media. Facebook is the first real big giant in this game, and so a lot of people still use it quite regularly. Humans being social creatures, deem those who use the internet but do not use social media are often seen as weird.

For a while, I was one of those weirdos, because I was not confident about my social status, and for a whole variety of neurotic reasons that we won’t get into here, but lately I’ve started to realize the power of Facebook for marketing purposes.

Since so many eyes are glued onto those feeds, it is a perfect opportunity for businesses to display their message.

It is arguably more effective than any other form of advertising. Like, who watches commercials anymore? The commercial comes on, if you’re one of the few people that still have cable, and instantly everyone is on their phone checking for updates, usually their Facebook feed.

Hah! Jokes on them, they are still getting fed advertisement. Just from a larger variety of businesses.

Open Source Marketing

It’s a pretentious term I came up with. Open source in the usual use of the term, means that the creator of something, like software, has granted all users the right to study, alter and distribute the software for any purpose.

In a sense, open source marketing, is the ability for anyone to learn how advertising works, such as skills in copy-writing, creative, sales processes, and to execute the marketing by purchasing ad-spend.

I guess this has always been the case, as I could buy up an ad on a billboard and have my message on there.

Ad platforms like Facebook or any social media company allow anyone to make an account and have their message displayed to traffic.

Obviously, there are guidelines and terms of services that you must obey, and every ad platform has different ones, but as long as you follow them you can have your message up and running within hours and shown to a bunch of random people (traffic).

The purpose of your ad is up to you, whether you are profiting from sales, or you are trying to gain awareness of your brand, or you just want to seek out like-minded people- it is all up to you. So, you, Joe Blow, sitting at his computer, can be an advertiser whenever you feel like it.

Being successful in your advertising ventures is another story. Marketing has always been a skill, and the ease of entry into the industry does not mean it is now also easy to be successful at it. I wrote it an article that explores this idea.

What it does mean is that it is now easier than ever to be a lucrative marketer. It is in fact one of the most common business models to make money online.

There are many courses and online academies that will teach the skills that you need to hone in order to have a career in online marketing. Among the best of these academies that I’ve experience is Wealthy Affiliate (join now and get 10 lessons for free, and a free account.)

Using Facebook Ads To Make YOU Money

After you acquire all this education about marketing online, you might be wondering how you can apply it so that you can actually start making money online.

Well, the first way you can do so is to promote your business. You will see an increase amount of visitors and eventually customers. That is if you have a great product that you are offering. A lot of people are making money with affiliate marketing, in which you will center your business around a product that is made by someone else.

Often times, the product that someone else made is of high quality because they have simply been in business longer, and have the resources and knowledge to come up with a great product. Simply make content, which is basically a digital storefront, to sell this person’s product.

Just like how your local convenient store sells Coca Cola, and makes a profit off the proft-margin, you will make a profit margin off of the product that you sell.

Once again, a great place to learn about this method is at this online university.

Helping Local Businesses

Another great way to make money with Facebook ads is to help businesses. That is, physical businesses with brick and mortar store-fronts, advertise on social media, specifically Facebook. You would be surprised how many businesses are not advertising on Facebook.

A lot of business owners are suffering from the generation gap of the internet. Let me explain what that means.

People that opened businesses before the exponential growth of the internet, and in turn, social media, are likely to not embrace the marketing power of the technology. You can’t teach an old dog new tricks, right?

Of course, there are those who are very open to new trends and constantly adapt and change according to trends and technologies. These people usually have very big businesses anyway, and you won’t be helping them out anytime soon. Or at least until you get quite advanced in your digital marketing career. You’ll actually have to be innovative to help these folks, which you will eventually develop the skills to be just that 😉

Here’s an article a wrote a while back that digs deep into this strategy.

As you can see, making money on the internet is quick, but still not a get-rich-quick scheme. It is only quick because of the highly advanced infrastructure that is the internet, but it still requires you to do the things that are necessary when building your business like: networking, learning technical skills, being disciplined, being punctual with your fulfillment etc.

Although I’ve read of digital marketing entrepreneurs that were able to replace their 9-5 income with digital marketing in less than a month, it will take the average person a year or two to really get their business going. This is, however, way faster than it would take with a traditional business. Ah, the beauty of the internet.

I hope you realize the power of Facebook ads

Although I didn’t really show you how to use Facebook ads in this article, I hope I made you realize how much money and value there is to be made with the power of Facebook.

The landscape of digital marketing is still relatively new, so it is up to entrepreneurs to go out there and make the connections that put everything together. To seam together the old world of brick and mortar businesses and digital world of social media, like Facebook.

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