Write Everyday

You Should Write Every Day

This article is about the practice of writing on a daily basis so you can, eventually, write great content. This is about the gradual process of getting to the skill level in your writing where you can communicate effectively with your writing. This is how you get your voice – the ability to consistently write … Read more

How To Market Yourself Better

If the goal of marketing is to present something in a desirable and useful way, we can say that we are constantly marketing ourselves in our day-to-day lives. Admittedly, your day would be a lot better if more people viewed you, or your skills, as more desirable and useful. It would be nice if that … Read more

To Admit Your Mistakes

To go into full-repentance mode or not? Repentance is to take responsibility for the lack of good results in your life instead of blaming another person or another situation from the past. In other words, it is admitting that we have made mistakes instead of justifying those actions and then repeating them for seemingly forever. … Read more

On The Importance of Writing

Learning how to write well may actually seem like a waste of time sometimes. We may ask ourselves why we put up with the suffering of writer’s block. Maybe it’s better to not put up with it and just stop writing altogether. Look around you – most people don’t write everyday. Most people have not … Read more