On The Importance of Writing

Learning how to write well may actually seem like a waste of time sometimes.

We may ask ourselves why we put up with the suffering of writer’s block. Maybe it’s better to not put up with it and just stop writing altogether.

Look around youmost people don’t write everyday.

Most people have not read a book in years. They are unable to convey an idea concisely for the life of them.

Their personalities seem vague – their emotionally driven behaviors dictated by whatever popular culture dictates.

You work with them. Go to school with them.

And interact with them whenever you are in any social gathering where the people there appear to be, like, randomly chosen…

We’ve all had to suffer the occasional ear-beating while getting changed at the gym…

How does he have the gall to think that he is interesting enough to talk this much? You figure.

Now, perhaps writing is not for everyone?

Perhaps, I sound like a huge elitist snob right now. Because I certainly do.

It is, truly, not for everyone… and no I don’t think I’m better than people because I write.

And in all seriousness, not everyone needs to learn to write to have a happy and fulfilled life.

However, this also means your affinity to writing is a gift – one which were destined to have.

The universe chose you to do this thing, so to speak. Kind of like how a tall and athletic person feels like he’s chosen to play basketball.

In which case, you are destined to have a powerful skill that will help you get the most out of life, brings the highest quality of people into it and open up doors to your potential.

It’s a big deal… so don’t take it for granted.

You must utilize your writing and creativity every day and practice or you will receive none of the benefits.

To further emphasize the value in learning how to write, you need to realize that

It’s Not For Everyone

Being someone who appreciates great writing, you may find it discouraging to see the art form not get the love it deserves from the general population…

Why isn’t everyone reading 2 hours a day? You ask.

I mean, it’s pretty fun and rewarding…

You mean, you don’t publish 2 pieces of content every week?

Alas, like most important skills in life, such as eating healthy to have a vibrant, durable – and most importantly – aesthetic body.

Or putting away money for smart investments…

Or saying “please” and “thank you”…

It is neglected by most of the general population.

In fact, most of the general population will never reach an acceptable level of competence in a lot of important skills, not to mention writing well.

What a shame...

Because this is where you set yourself apart from the pack by being an effective communicator. Society is built on the products of good ideas and the communication of good ideas.

More than anything, reflecting on what to write is a very healthy practice for mental health, and clarity for your life. Having the best plans allows you to have the capacity to lead the way in every situation you find yourself in life.

Writing is useful in a lot of ways. The fact that it is not for everyone is, but, one of those reasons.

So, Writing is Pretty Cool

This age-old medium of communication we like to call “writing” is responsible for literally passing culture down the ages.

It’s also used to record and communicate important discoveries that ultimately change the human condition for generations and generations…

The American Constitution was written.

The Bible was written.

Harry Potter was written.

Look at a 5 dollar bill…Learning How To Write

now look at a 100 dollar bill…

They are both equivalent… Dimensions… Most properties…

What is different between the two is what is written.

What About the Prevalence of Video and Audio Nowadays?

Even though we live in the digital age – full of hi tech futuristic platforms – a fair amount of media that is consumed online is still in the written form

One could argue that the process of writing is still the foundation form of media in which we used to transfer brain-data – or call them ideas – to each other.

And in a case of which-came-first – chicken or the egg – the process of writing not only recorded these great ideas, but through its practice, brought these world-changing ideas into existence in the first place.

A good video was written in the mind of the creator before it was shot.

Every film needs a script.

Sophisticated computer programs are written and then executed by electronics.

Music is composed and then written.

Indeed, no matter what language it happens in, the practice of writing may very well be the very skill that brings our conceptual world – full of wonderful potential – to life.

Now, guess what else is in that conceptual world?

Your potential. Your dreams and goals.

It may be tempting for an “entrepreneur” to go straight into video, apps, or start a podcast.

We may miss the very foundation skill-set that creates great work in those mediums in the first place.

You Must Write Everyday

I mean, there are a lot of habits that we know we should do, but don’t.

You should brush your teeth for 2 minutes – like what dentist recommend.

And get 8 hours of sleep every night.

Of course, check your tire pressure once a month.

For the most part, If you don’t do these habits, nothing in your life will really differ from someone who does…

It’s not until the continual accumulation of those actions finally materialize into your life in the form of consequences, do we finally realize their importance.

Then, we may even become very bitter and filled with what we deem unnecessary pain

Caused by the contrast of sudden consequence, like a tooth infection, or a car accidentally, or cancer – and the reflection on our slow and continual neglect which led to it.

But mostly because of how we were given so much opportunity to have avoided it but willingly refused to do so.

What is the sudden consequence after years of neglect when it comes writing everyday?

A directionless life. A vague personality. Being easily manipulated and swayed by pop culture and media.

All of these consequences have dire existential implications.

There isn’t worst a feeling than knowing that we could have been better that our potential leaves a lot more than what was uncovered. And it’s too late.

Write every day and carve a path for that potential, it’s the only shot you have.

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