Marketing Service Arbitrage: Fastest Path To Cash For Making Money Online

How To Make Money Online?

How to make money online? That’s why you’re here. That’s why you are scouring the internet for tips, tricks, and courses.

I wrote this article to discuss the benefits of making money by providing marketing services to local businesses and making money by providing marketing arbitrage (yes, I might have coined this term). So, instead of connecting with businesses through the internet and providing marketing services, how about we start with just our neighbors?

Of course, you still be utilizing the internet, but you will solely focus on helping local businesses and entrepreneurs connect with other people locally.

I think this might be a great approach to mastering marketing for some people. Just a minor caveat: I didn’t discover all these ideas, as there are as many resources online that will point out all these business opportunities. This article is meant to dig deeper into the significance of doing local marketing services.


Start With What Is Around You

There’s a saying: When you want to improve the world, then start with what is around you.

See what you can improve around in your immediate surrounding, and then you will eventually expand outwards and make a positive change in the world.

That being said, I see a lot of internet marketers, and myself included, that want to build a huge international following with subscribers from all across the globe and rake in millions of dollars.

This is a lofty, but absolutely worthwhile goal, and it is something that can be strive for right away. There is no doubt about that.

The problem with setting too lofty of goals though, is that we fail to see what kind of foundation skills need to be developed in order to get there. After being in the industry for almost a year now, I’m starting to learn that marketing is a skill set that has been around for a while, but it is just now being revolutionized by the digital era of the internet. Let me explain.

Your foundation success in marketing is determined by how well you connect with people. You are providing value to a customer, and if a customer does not feel like that is your main intention, then you will have a very difficult time with marketing or any sort.

This is why I believe that one of the best ways to gain the skill of affiliate marketing is to begin by connecting with business owners locally.


Where Do I Start?

If you want to provide services to local businesses, you’ll have to let them know you exist. Obviously.

If you quiver at the idea of approaching a business owner and sharing your interests, maybe that is something that may be beneficially for you to conquer in your life. Maybe it is a huge part in successful marketing.

Nonetheless, the skill you develop by going out of your comfort zone and connecting with business owners and entrepreneurs will be immense and affect all your other endeavors positively.

For example, this is great for networking. You will actually have build great connections locally that may potentially lead to unique opportunities for you in the future. This can be your slow climb to building some clout in your city.

Also, you’ll have to learn how to build rapport with strangers and hone your social skills. Soft-skills are a huge asset for any business.

I’m aware that there are those who are reading this that have horrendous people skills and it would take a lot of time to get to an acceptable level. In this case, local marketing services might not be something you should do, unless you want to work for a big agency and do a lot of the back end technical work. Honing your people skills should be a by-product of this business venture and not the main objective.

For those who are still on board, the next step is to develop a service list that is presentable and clear.


Pick A Main Problem To Solve

To develop a list of services you can provide for a businesses marketing campaigns, you have to start by specializing in one.

Once you have successfully offered a service that solves a specific problem, you will have some funds to invest back into your business, and also have an ever growing reputation for this industry.

I believe it is very important to start with one specific service to solve one specific problem because it will mean that you will have a high chance in showing that you are worth the money.

It is important that your client knows quite logically how you will be able to help him. Of course, this might actually be required if you were to be offered the position in the first place. If possible, tracking ROI is an excellent way to show your contribution to your client’s marketing campaigns.

Once you have a mutual understanding with your client that your services serve him in growing his business, it will be easier to grow your list of services.

Expanding Your Service List

This section is where my term marketing arbitrage becomes relevant.

Any business that provides services utilizes arbitrage to generate profit and wealth. They do this through utilizing their specific skills and networks and up selling it to the client.

For example, I have a good friend that owns a business in the logistics niche.

One reason a business in the logistics industry is profitable is because the owner utilizes his assets like facilities, trucks, and trailers, to generate revenue for his business. The client pays him a competitive rate which easily covers overhead costs of his assets.

Another way these businesses generate revenue is by outsourcing. What we call employment.

Paying someone with a skill set to accomplish a task that you need done.

In the logistics world, they outsource the role of driving.

As a driver, you are paid regularly, and you are required to do your agreed upon work.

As the business owner, you are responsible for your pay check, but you don’t have to do most of the “dirty work”.

Anyway, this method of outsourcing is how you will profit by developing a larger list of services in the beginning.

As you master the one marketing service you provide, you will inevitably learn about other aspects of marketing which could be beneficial to your clients.

You can start small, like making their website more user-friendly, or even getting their website set up with a SSL certificate. Really basic stuff that you can do yourself, and earn some profit along the way.

It gets interesting is when you need work done for your client that you do not have the skills required to accomplish.

Instead of employment, like with a truck driver, this is where we will outsource.

It is now a matter of finding the right person that does have the skills, and communicating to him what your mission is.

There are great networks out there that can help you with this. Such as Fiverr.

Remember, you will still profit by doing this because what you are charging your client for solving all these problems as a set is going to be a fair percentage more than what you pay your freelancer.

Now, your business will be expanding its worth by bringing in more revenue, and you will also be fueling an industry of talented and ambitious freelancers.

With enough growth, some of these freelancers can be set up as employees and you can take your business to another level. That’s a different article though.

Get Out Of Your House And Make Money

I hope this article gave you a bit of an insight into how you can start “making money online” right away, starting with getting out of your house and talking to people.

Go out there and take the bumps that most successful marketers take before they have their global business or 100 person agencies.

I know that it sounds like I’m preaching but this article is as much as a game plan for myself as an instructional article for readers. It is simply a plan of attack on becoming a digital marketer, starting locally and then expanding forward. Who knows, you might the next Gary Vee.

All in all, it comes down to solving your client’s problems no matter what they are. Even if it means outsourcing. 😉

Leave a comment down below if local business marketing is something you want to start doing!






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