How To: Start a Social Media Marketing Agency [2019]

Starting a social media marketing agency is still a viable way to “make money online”.

It’s September 2018 right now and there are still businesses out there struggling with their overall relevancy because they are ignorant of the digital sphere of influences.

Is it really something to blame of them though? It’s difficult for anyone, even a grizzled business owner, to observe and pinpoint trends and integrate them into their own business. Often times, the business dealings themselves are burdensome enough without having to pay attention and observe marketing trends and pop-culture.

There are a lot of reasons for a business to fail. Many valid reasons that are undeniable like a poor product or lack of leadership. But unfortunately, a lot of businesses will fail because they fail to reach their customers.

Here’s where you come in.

Online Relevancy

It is the information age. We are plugged into sources of information more than we ever have as a species. Not to get into too much future humans digital dystopia ramblings, but at least notice that technology is getting wildly advanced.

The ability for people to interact with each other and share information is the main indicator of this advance.

Small businesses, that are traditionally run by people in the baby-boomer generation, do not have huge marketing departments that can take advantage of this. Things kind of just, pass them by.

I’ve talked to many business managers that have said that their businesses’s digital media presence is solely operated part-time and by a young nephew or something, on the merit that he is young and hip.

First of all, this is a mistake in thinking that because someone is consuming modern media, they also are competent in implementing strategies and observing marketing trends.

When I ask business owners if they’ve used digital advertisement they usually say they have and it didn’t work out that great for them.

Then I ask to see the post that they advertised. It’s usually some obscure message, with no clear offer, and no call to actions in the ad copy. Sales don’t seem to increase after a month and they pull the plug. Just a pathetic attempt at establishing a digital presence.

Because of this, though, a lot of our job might consist of telling business owners that digital marketing does work and they were just doing it wrong. For those confrontation-avoiding types, this might suck. Oh well… get better at it.

Marketing is still marketing. I wrote an article about this. Read it here.


You have to have a strategy that will provide results almost right away.

No, I don’t mean that they will generate +800% revenue in the first month of digital marketing. I mean that they must have a concrete vision of growth and development for their business.

I hate to admit this but charisma is an attribute that is crucial to the success of your SMMA. There is a huge portion of this business model that is B2B stuff. People that are more socially anxious and introverted may do better in other digital marketing landscapes like affiliate marketing or drop-shipping.

Whatever business model, I believe that social acuity is always going to be the difference maker in going from average to excellent. However, in SMMA, it becomes the main barrier of entrance.

What I found from landing my clients is that a lot of the value I provided is by reaching out to them and providing a vision for their businesses digital presence that they believe in. It’s almost like I lifted a load off their shoulders. In the back of their minds they knew that things are passing them by, but they don’t have the time or patience to seek out the proper help.

Therefore, the first part of serving the business is by building a genuine relationship with the people of the business, the owner, the gatekeepers like the staff and the managers. Obviously, to achieve this you have to have the ability to be expressive in front of strangers and be able to convey an idea effectively. This may be a skill set that in itself will take time to learn.

But once you learn how to do things like cold call, pitch ideas, close sales, everything else is pretty straight forward, and I’ll even say, easy.


So you’ve cold called a bunch of businesses. It’s been an adventurous month. You’ve been crossing off projects on Google Sheets. Finally, you’ve closed a sale. A month has gone by and it feels like half a year.

You’ll be providing some sort of digital service for your client now. Any digital service. I wrote this article about it.

But this article is about SMMA so we’ll talk paid advertising.

If you’re going to get results for your client, you’ll need to learn from people that are getting results for their clients. And I mean, learn, like do exactly what they’re doing.

Thankfully, there are a lot of courses available in the paid information industry online. There are a startling amount of people that are ignorant of this whole industry’s existence!

I know that it amazed me when I discovered it. I actually bought the first course I discovered and didn’t even regret it. The reality that I could pay money for information found online that can actually benefit my life financially was a one of those epiphanic moments.

It’s almost like that other institution that you pay money for to get information and guidance!

Once you’ve found a course that has social proof, meaning they’ve produced results for their students and are providing stable support for them, then you have to implement these theories in your own business.

This is, of course, is the hardest part. The hardest part for anyone ambitious enough to start their own business, is to slow down and follow instructions. But it’s crucial and one of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned this year.

It’s better to stick to something and learn how to do something right than to dabble in a hundred of things and do them all poorly. Obvious, right? I don’t know how I missed this little gem of logic.

Once you’ve implemented what you’ve learned from the course that you’ve carefully selected and committed to, you’ll be providing results for your client, whatever the metric of ROI is. This can include increase in monthly revenue, social engagement online, a better digital reputation, or just a pretty website.

Good job!

Oh and you’ll be making a ton of money as well. YEAH, money!

It’s Simple

When it comes down to it, it’s simple. A business makes money because of your help, and you get some of that money. They will come to you when there’s anything that they wanted to innovate about their digital presence.

Some other agency will come in eventually and solicit business, but because you’ve built a relationship with your client, they will take the ideas that this outside agency has brought to them and ask you to do it.

Then you’ll scale up your business and start a media network conglomerate…

But that’s another article.

Hope you got value from this article. It’s a good outline of what to do. I emphasized the importance of B2B skills, so take note of that.

Leave a comment before you leave! What niche are you marketing for your SMMA?




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