How to Achieve Overall Success in Life?

Now imagine if I could actually answer this question for you…

To think that I’m capable of solving this problem for everyone that reads this article is pretentious and almost arrogant.

All I can hope is to discuss these things even though we know we won’t get to a definitive answer.

This is why I wrote this article- to venture into thinking about these concepts, and to spark the conversation among the people in my network.

What is Overall Success?

Success is relative.

If you set a goal you automatically generate the parameters in which you can judge your success. In a sense, it is up to you in terms of what success means…

For example, if you want to lose 20 pounds by the end of the month, then the goal of 5 pounds a week is the bench mark in which you use to measure my success.

If you lose 10 pounds in a week, you’ll be ahead of schedule and maybe feel like you can achieve more than that and move the goal post a little further away- to challenge yourself.

Or you can just achieve your goal, and plan another goal post for the future after you’ve accomplished what you set your mind to originally.

Either way, it is evident that our success is solely measure on our own predetermined standards. Even though these standards might be enforced in society, it is still up to us to “step up to bat”, so to speak.

Someone who is overly frustrated in life, living in bitterness and resentment, might abolish these standards and create imaginary scenarios in their mind in which they are above these standards just by some sort of imaginary merit alone.

They can live in this imaginary scenario for their whole lives, and never full live up to their potential as a consequence. They will struggle and suffer, without ever knowing why.

A famous Henry David Thoreau quote is, “The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.”

Obviously, this is not something you want to do if you wish to cultivate a healthy lifestyle.

Instead of being overwhelmed and frustrated at the high standards that society brings forward, it is better to stand in awe of it, and aim towards our highest efforts towards achieving them. 

This will allow you to think up worthwhile goals, and also solidify them in your day-to-day actions.

As you grow, and you work towards these goals, your idea of what success looks like to you will be much more apparent. You will feel a sense of order in your life, and your demeanor will be more calm and confident.

Before you know it, you’ll have accomplished things, you’ll have harvested the fruit of your labor, you’ve probably already taken all of it for granted. Oh well, off to new and higher goals.

But take some time to reflect at how far you’ve come, as well, will ya?

Successful, in general.

There definitely is a standard to what success looks like, in general.

Nobody’s perfect. But there are those who have a lot of the prerequisites nailed down, and they are usually people that you can learn a lot from.

I have friends that are living quite the ideal life. Of course, they have their issues, as we all do, but as far as living up to their potential, they have done a fair job of it. It’s all you can really ask for, right?

Try your best, be resilient, and the universe kind of takes care of the rest.

If you’re still in a phase of your life where you are unsure of your direction, and anxious about what your life can look like in 5 years, then this may not be something that resonates with you.

That’s okay, because you can develop a habit of creating visions of your life, and solidifying your daily actions to suite these visions. Trust me, it’ll take care of eliminating a lot of the negative emotions that surround you during your daily routines.

Write down a monthly plan, a yearly plan and 5 year plans, to start. It might make a big difference in terms of creating a more ideal life for you in the future.

This is applicable to every area.

Unfortunately, our education institutions have failed to give us a complete preparation for life.

What is deemed worthwhile education has been watered down. There are a lot of essential skills that are not deemed worthy to learn or to explore, and as we further wander from these subjects they may be lost from the culture entirely.

When I was younger, I was very shy. I had a lot of anxiety when it came to social interactions. I had a bad case of stranger danger. I couldn’t be myself around authority figures, and especially girls.

Speaking to a girl is an undertaking. Especially for men in the early stages of adolescents, when some much is weighed on these interactions.

All of a sudden, our perception of success is related to our success in the playing ground of romance and intimacy. A lot of men don’t even try because of the risk of being a romantic-failure and the following implications of this discovery. Nervous and shy men usually fit into this category.

There are people that actually do try, and they do make attempts and take action. They talk to girls and they are out there playing the game. Unfortunately, sometimes there are aspects in the life of these men that reveals itself during these interactions, and because these aspects are negative or coming from a bad place, women are repulsed by them.

Without knowing that our social skills, our soft skills are a subject of study and research, a lot of men will wander into romantic endeavors, only to meet failure, time and time again.

On the other hand, if we approach this aspect of life as a subject worthy of study, we can set goals, and apply principles of success towards achieving them.

I did this with my social skills. I refused to settle for shy and insecure… so I learned how people were overcoming these traits.

Things got a lot better.

The alternative was to be short-sighted and to live in hopelessness. Things could have turned out a lot differently for me. The longer we live in despair and failure, the hopelessness because heavier and eventually transforms to darker elements in our psyche.

Therefore, it is important not to be in a growing state-of-mind, which will lead to fruition instead of destruction. If we approach elements of our life, such as career, finance, intimacy, substance-use, as subjects in which to set lofty goals towards, then we can begin to aim up. Things will “clean up” in our lives.

You decide.

Choose some aspects of your life you want to improve in. Learn about the subjects, gather resources, and then set goals that you can achieve because you’ve developed clear parameters that indicate success.

This blog is something that I can use to express myself to the world. Creating and sharing is something that I decided to embark upon, and the solution was to create a business blog. My idea was to combine a monetary endeavor with something that I can also be creative with.

Learning to do digital marketing from this online university has allowed me to do that.

Of course, this is just one area that I’ve decided to grow in. It is clearly an endless journey.

Please comment if you enjoyed this blog. I love hearing about what you have to say about these articles. I usually write promotional content, but I like to cheat once in a while and go to my comfort zone in the personal develop niche. Bear with me.

2 thoughts on “How to Achieve Overall Success in Life?”

  1. Goal setting is important, but while some prefer to set ambitious goals, I prefer easy goals. That lets me experience more success with less pressure.

    With easy goals. I can always do more and can focus on improving my technique.

    On the other hand, ambitious goals only motivate you until you get significantly behind schedule. Then they demotivate you. So I recommend everyone start with easy goals.

    • I definitely agree with that, Peter. It might even be useful to set goals for every time-frame. 

      A daily goal, a weekly goal and a yearly goal. Or something like that. 

      Thanks for reading! 



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