Clickfunnel’s Affiliate Bootcamp Review: Retire in 100 Days?

If you’ve been in the affiliate marketing game for any amount of time you’ve certainly heard of Clickfunnels.

If you haven’t, then you must have an amazing ad blocker or you’re actually brand new. In this case, let me tell you, Clickfunnel’s is a truly all in one digital marketing tool.

Whether you are selling widgets to people (ecom), recruiting members (MLM), or promoting businesses and products (affiliate marketing), Clickfunnels has your back.

But aside from being a great Swiss army knife for digital marketers, Russel Brunson, owner of Clickfunnels has developed a great 2-tier affiliate program. This means you’ll likely have a great chance of profiting from using Clickfunnels to promote Clickfunnels itself because you’ll also profit from those who you’ve personally referred promoting Clickfunnels.

Deep breath. It’s not a pyramid scheme, you just make money off of one level. Hence, 2-tier.

This is a tested system that has worked really well for the company, and is part of the reason Russel is able to turn Clickfunnels one of the giants of the marketing software world.

Another reason why Clickfunnels has seen this level of success is because they treat their affiliates well. For example, they offer a course, which is, in essence, a course on digital marketing, to their affiliates for free.

Check it out here.

This course is easily worth $997, but because the company, Clickfunnels, itself, will profit from anyone who is successful promoting its products, they have every incentive to provide their affiliate partners with top-level learning resources for free.

I recently went through the 12 day, step by step, course and in this article I’ll give you a review of it to let you know what to expect and what you can learn in the next 12 days.

In a sense, you really don’t have anything to lose when you “enroll” in this course because the Clickfunnels platform itself has a 14-day free trial. You’ll only be paying for paid traffic if you do decide to go through the course. If you take action and work your ass off you can potentially get some results before you even have to pay a penny for Clickfunnels itself (disclaimer: can’t promise you any results).


Name: Clickfunnel’s Affiliate Bootcamp



Price: FREE


Owners: Russel Brunson


Overall Rank: 4.2 out of 5.0


Overall Course Material:


12 modules, 12 days, of digital marketing education…

Realistically, you can go through these modules in a week or less.


If you’re really ambitious you can go through all of them in a night of drunken digital marketing adventures. I only know one person that’s done that though (it was me).

Then again, I’m kind of bizz-op junkie that loves to learn about new ideas. But let me assure you, you will learn a lot of new concepts in the course material.

When you first enroll, you’ll be drip fed the course which means you’ll only be able to access one module a day.

This can be by-passed by messaging Russel Brunson on Facebook and asking for all the courses to be unlocked.

Ask and you shall receive...

Affiliate Bootcamp contains a lot of essential digital marketing education.

For example, module 4: The Dream 100. This module is about reaching out to 100 of the top influencers and top marketers in the industry.

Yes, it is quite advanced, and something you’ll definitely be working towards and not something you’ll be doing right away. Especially if you’re just getting started with this industry. But it does provide a “grand scheme” kind of perspective to the concept of affiliate marketing, giving you an idea of what the whole industry is about.

In this module, Russel shows how he provided value to these influencers by performing simple gestures, and really gave his brand and company a lot of credibility. Turns out, its all about the little things (you knew that already) ;). In turn, Clickfunnels was boosted to the top of the digital marketing game right from the start of its launch.

Which is quite true. Being in the game for a while, it seems like it has always been in the scene, and almost every big influencer in the game has had their fingers in the overall success of Clickfunnels. Think, Tai Lopez, Grant Cardone, and Sam Ovens…

Thanks to the support and endorsement from the big hitters, and the wise reinvestment into the company by the management team, Clickfunnels has become a huge player in the digital marketing game. It has truly become all-in-one, and there is no hyperbole here.

I’m constantly impressed by how easy it is to make a sales funnel, or even a website on the platform. This allows you to focus on the business aspects of, well, your business and not the technical side of it. This is the direction that a lot of online platforms are heading to.

It used to be that you had to have technical proficiency to do anything online and it became the barrier to success for a lot of business people, but not with software like Clickfunnels. Now you don’t really have to worry about that anymore and you can focus on your content.

Ultimately, you’ll be getting a sufficient education on digital marketing with Clickfunnels’ Affiliate Bootcamp

A lot of foundational knowledge, and some cool Facebook ads tips and tricks. Including some ninja tricks 😉

However there is a module that is out-of-date as of July, 2018. This is module 8: Our Big Secret.

Not to give too much away, so not to spoil any of the learning you’ll be doing ;), but you can’t promote videos that you share on your page that you’ve posted from other pages anymore.

Essentially, in module 8, you’ll be learning how to share a video that has a lot of social proof. Let’s say you share a post from Gary Vee. Then you’ll be promoting this post with your own business, with your affiliate links, hoping to latch onto the social proof of Gary Vee’s post, because it’ll likely have thousands of likes and comments.

In this way you’ll be hijacking the social proof of his post and gaining your own likes and comments while, at the same time, getting clicks to your link.

Unfortunately, you can’t do this anymore 🙁

Oh well, most of the other modules have plenty of value.

If you leave a comment asking for it, I’ve actually thought up a way to go around this that’s almost just as good. So leave a comment 😉




Basically, like I said, Clickfunnels is the Swiss army knife for digital marketers.

You can do a lot with Clickfunnels.

  1. Webinars
  2. E-commerce
  3. Sales funnels
  4. Blogs
  5. Pop-ups

Etc. Etc.

If I discovered this software when I was starting out it would be a one-stop deal with getting all the tools I need.

Unfortunately, I have a lot invested in other companies (because they did a better job of advertising to me at the time :P), so I’m only using Clickfunnels for building funnels and pop-ups for now.

Eventually I’ll want to make some courses and maybe even venture into e commerce. This is something that Clickfunnels has a platform for.

In essence, all digital marketing tools seek to turn traffic, which are people active on the internet, into someone that is engaged with your business. I have to say, Clickfunnels has optimized every tool it provides for this purpose, in a user-friendly, intuitive platform.

If you really want to see the power of Clickfunnels, check out their flagship software called Actionetics. This software allows the user to plan out and strategize for every customer interaction.

This means you can create very complex sequences that suit every one of your customers uniquely. For example: Someone who has not opened your first email will be sent the first email again instead of the second email. However, for someone who had opened your first email, they will be sent the second email. But if that person has more than ten thousand Facebook followers, they will be sent a unique email specifically for that, whereas people that have less than ten thousand Facebook followers will be sent a generic one.

You can go on and on with these strategies.

It may take you a few months to learn the most optimal way to connect to your customers, but it may very well be worth it for you.

Try it out free, for 14 days with this link.



There is a lot of value in this course, and it might be one that changes the direction that a lot of digital marketers take in their business.

Since I’ve started promoting Clickfunnels and using the software for my business, I’ve upped by affiliate marketing game. Maybe its just because I’ve aligned myself with another entity that is at the top of the digital marketing.

I mean, if I see myself doing this for a while, then I have to see myself being in the position to possibly produce a product that is on par with the quality of Clickfunnels. What a daunting notion. But, then again, it is necessary to dream big, and aim high.

Hopefully, this review has given you an idea of what to expect in Clickfunnels’ Affiliate Bootcamp. Maybe it has even inspired you to start your digital marketing education 😉 If you do decide to do so, Affiliate Bootcamp is a good place to start.

Even if you are quite a veteran in digital marketing you may very well gain some new insights, and besides, promoting Clickfunnels will surely be another great avenue of income. Like we all know, it is quite lucrative to promote something that sells itself.

Before you leave, drop a comment below! Let know what kind of tools you use at the moment, and if you’re thinking about switching over to Clickfunnels.

Oh yeah, sign up for the free course here.


14 thoughts on “Clickfunnel’s Affiliate Bootcamp Review: Retire in 100 Days?”

  1. I have heard of ClickFunnels before but never knew that they had an affiliate bootcamp course. I already knew that ClickFunnels was a good investment for my online business, but actually being able to make money by promoting it, is amazing!

    Thanks for also going into details about its products offerings because I honestly thought that they only provided the sales funnels. I never knew about the blogs, webinars and pop-ups. Certainly looks like a lot of value and I will be checking it out.

    • Hi Reyhana,

      Long time no see 😉 

      I haven’t been as consistent with my comments these past few months, but it’s great to see familiar faces now that I’m back. 

      Yeah, Clickfunnels’ is pretty nifty. They’ve grown their company impressively, and their products are top tier. Thanks for checking out my article!

      Happy Bloggin’,


  2. Wilson,

    Thankyou – Clickfunnels is something I have looked at, but couldn’t justify the price tag.

    Then yesterday I spent 3 hours watching 4 videos by Ryan Levesque about the ASK method. costing 4 times as much.Then there is UpViral.

    I am in a position where I have a low budget yet want to get to real grips with email marketing so that I have a high converting opt-in rate from the beginning.

    Even without a list. 30-60% conversion rate is what I am after. I am willing to put the system in place. UpViral is the cheapest and ASK is the higher ticket.

    Clickfunnels is mid-range. Thanks for making me think Wilson…Good on you.

    • Good luck, Stella! Thanks for reading, and I appreciate the comment. 

      There is a lot to choose from but I think that whatever you stick with and focus on will be successful. All of those systems are pretty top-notched aside from the differing price points. What I struggled with in the past is shiny-object-syndrome so I made a commitment a month ago that I’m going to make Clickfunnels work like a marriage lol.

      Good luck on whichever one you choose!


  3. Hi Wilson,
    You’ve got a nice review on this article.It is like a sales page of Click Funnel itself, It very enticing that I sign up for the free trial and see what’s inside.
    I didn’t know there is also an affiliate program for this.
    I have seen this before but have not looked more detailed than what you have presented it here.
    I am now having a second look on this click funnel and just taking my time to decide to purchase one because I have already committed to some programs and bought some.
    This would definitely deserve a second look.

    • Thanks for reading, Alvin. 🙂 

      Let me know what you decide to do. ClickFunnels is worth trying out just for 14 days if you want to see what kind of software you can potentially promote. Obviously, there are a lot of competition out there for these kind of funnel builders, so it is wise to take your time and see what’s out there. 

      Happy bloggin’!


  4. I’m totally with you Wilson, I also love to learn about new idea’s. Clickfunnels affiliate boot camp sounds great! I wish I would have known about this much sooner.

    You’ve provided some insightful information in your article, I am now extremely curios about the Clickfunnels boot camp! I will make my way over to check it out! Thanks Wilson!

    • It’s a great program, David. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it 🙂 It’s good supplemental education for any marketer. 
      Thanks for reading!


  5. Wilson!

    Ah what an extremely well written article. Since I too have already invested time and effort with a couple of other companies I am hesitant to go all in with clickfunnels. The 14 day trial seems like a great opportunity to try it out and see if it’s worth it.

    I checked out the clickfunnels page and saw wasabi – the membership site software – I’m definitely interested in that, however, its labeled as coming soon. Darn! I’ll have to keep that in mind for the future. In the meantime, Ill give the 14 day trial a go and see where that takes me.

    Great article! Thanks!


    • Thanks for the comment, Nicole! 

      Yeah, give it a shot. 

      There are a lot of ways to make money with Clickfunnels once you’ve got the hang of it. The 14 day trial is a decent amount of time for a test drive. Lately, I’ve been helping some local businesses with their marketing with the software and it does it trick. Plus, you can charge a service fee that takes care of the monthly Clickfunnels subscription.

      Hopefully, you enjoy the software! See you around.


  6. I’m brand new to the game and have never heard of Clickfunnels! So this was a very informational read for me. I’m just getting started and hoping to progress pretty quickly. So I might check this out! I wish it wasn’t limited to one lesson a day though. I like to stay up and do them in one night. LOL

    • Hey Kenzie, it’s actually not limited to one lesson a week if you message Russel Brunson on Facebook and get it unlocked. I actually go through that in the article lol. 

      Have fun with the course, it’s quite interesting.


  7. im right there about to hop onto click funnels til I saw that 297 a month tag. the $97 level just isn’t worth it if you really wanna make run at it but I appreciate all the useful information. I do think that I’ll be trying the 14 day free trial as long as I can perhaps cancel at anytime.
    ps I plan on working my ass off. thanks again

    • Hey Alex, Thanks for reading! Glad it gave you some info on Clickfunnels.

      Working your ass off is the key to all these online businesses. Everyone is trying to make it and you gotta stand out! Reach out to me if you want to talk business or something.

      All the best.

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