Choose Your Affiliate Marketing Niche

You’ve just decided to start your venture into online marketing. The online business world is a relatively new and exciting platform, and the opportunities are endless!

Profit or Passion?

And so there lies a major problem. There is literally an endless amount of categories, or what what they call in the marketing industry, niches. Like me, you are probably torn between a niche you are passionate about, or a niche that will generate that sweet sweet dough.

What if I told you, these two modes of motivation actually overlap. Many people have the same passions and interest as you, and because you will be enthusiastic in your tone when you are giving your opinion about these products, you will attract more sales than if you were just forcing yourself to review an expensive high commission product.

Profit will follow your passion.

Although, there are niches that are the best of both worlds. These are niches that everyone is interested in, and also huge money-makers. Let’s see what they are.


I’m here to help

Here are some popular niches that will always be profitable, often called the evergreen niches.

  • Health and Wellness
  • Wealth
  • Sex

Generally, if it gets you paid, gets you laid, or makes you live forever, then everyone will want some. Search deep down into your soul, you will see that we are all passionate about those things in one way or another.


Health and Wellness

Whether it is diabetes prevention, or brain-enhancement pills, this niche is a multi-hundred million dollar force.
Every one of us has been on some sort of regime in trying to improve health and wellness in our own lives, so what better way to achieve greater success in this area than to take others along on the journey with a blog or review page?

Reviewing health supplements will provide a lot of value for consumers looking to enhance their results from recreational or therapeutic activities. Products can be purchased through an online supplement store like, and from what I can see they have a great affiliate program going on. Another great thing about that site is the community there, so you may not only be turning a customer on to great products, but also to a network for their fitness endeavors.


Enough said. Well, maybe not, so I’ll elaborate. Everyone has money problems in one way or another. Every employee wants to be a millionaire, and every millionaire wants to be a billionaire. And the billionaire wants to live forever (health and wellness).

Reviews and opinions in the wealth niche can have a huge impact, as according to StatisticBrain, the US gambling industry is worth $35.5 Billion dollars. Use the Amazon affiliate marketing program to review books and audible programs on Poker. There are millions of people trying to be a better player.

Alternatively, there are programs like Rakeback, which incentivize their members to refer poker players to their site. Players on play-sites pay a small percentage back to the site called a “rake” which acts as a fee for use. Players on Rakeback that refer new players receive a percentage of that fee back. The high earners in this program consistently make 5 figures! Pretty good, considering they are getting paid to play poker.

Another popular niche in this day and age is bitcoin trading. And yes, there is also an affiliate program for that: Bitbond offers 50% back on their origination fee for all new referrals. I have a very good friend who is obsessed with this niche right now, and is easily playing in the six figure ball park. Someone like him can get tremendous value in new and innovative blog sites.

Finally, another niche that belongs in the wealth category is affiliate marketing itself. You can be an affiliate marketer for an affiliate marketing course which you are using to learn how to affiliate market. META.

I’m a little bit biased, because this community has taught me so much, but anyway, Wealthy Affiliate has a great affiliate program, and even a “bootcamp” education program to learn how to make money promoting their products.


Dating, romance, online dating, pick-up community, you name it. Simply put, we are biological beings with primordial needs that need to be fulfilled. Along with these needs comes all the complications that go with it.

A lot of couples are unhappy with their sex lives, men don’t get laid enough, women don’t get laid enough, and people want to attract their ex’s back into their lives.

This is actually a niche that I’ve delved into in my past as a consumer upon finding out about the book The Game by Neil Strauss. The pick-up community might not be something you’re into, but it is a growing industry full of information-products, and live courses to review.

We can all relate to a lot of these relationship issues, and a wholesome, informative blog can help steer us in the right direction when seeking help.

This niche is one of the most profitable ones because of the many information marketing programs out there. David Wygant has a great affiliate program, and he offers very high quality coaching for his clients from what I can see.


Now follow your passion: Hobbies and interests

Good news. That hobby that you spend all your disposable income in? Thousands, if not millions, of people are also doing the same thing. Some of them might actually be buying the high quality version of what you’re buying. Don’t worry, you’ll be able to afford them soon, once you learn to market it.

Think about how much Golf clubs cost, or camping gear. Whatever your hobby is, there usually is gear associated with it, and more likely than not, you’ll find that stuff on Amazon.

If you are very ambitious, I would recommend going into the Yacht niche. Imagine the commission on a 100-footer…

Love hunting and fishing? Cabela’s has a pretty decent affiliate program Where I’m from, It’s hard to drive a few kilometers without seeing a Cabela’s, so you won’t have trouble building credibility for a brand like that.


Whether you want to delve into a niche that is forever-profitable, or something that you take part in yourself, you can be a successful internet marketer.

The evergreen niches have a inherent attractiveness to them because of their pandering to our biological needs, but at the same time, if you are passionate about something, that passion will transfer to your content, and you will attract like-minded consumers.

Now, pick your niche, and get creating!

Make sure you comment and let me know what kind of niche ideas you have stirring in your mind after reading this article.

And, for those who want to take your online education seriously, I would recommend the great folks at WA .

I owe so much of my knowledge about monetizing the online landscape to the mentorship and community that are there. Join hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs on their online marketing journey.

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16 thoughts on “Choose Your Affiliate Marketing Niche”

  1. I wish that I had found your article before starting on my website. It would have made it easier for me to find a niche that I was passionate about. But it’s okay… 🙂 I now have a few ideas for the future. Thanks a lot!

    • That’s very kind of you to say, Reyhana. Niche selection is definitely one of the more nerve wracking things about affiliate marketing. It seems like such a commitment.

  2. hey very good article and very easy to understand, i would love just to build myself passive income so i can make money while i sleep which is what i am trying to do. It must be nice to reach 6 figures this is harder then it looks and it takes time. I have 2 sites right now i dont really wanna take on anymore because i need to foucus on these two and keep putting out content, good article and keep it up

    • Thanks for the feedback, Justin. Yeah it’s a grind. More than I thought it would be. But like anything great, it will come with time.

      Good luck on your site, man.


  3. I agree with you that profit will follow your passion but I am quite sure that if you start making legitimate money any niche will ignite the passion. However, I think that every affiliate marketer can afford to keep one niche covered out of pure passion. Sooner or later, you will at least break even.Of course, health, wealth and sex. All we do have some connection with those 3, so if we look deep inside we will always enough subjects to write about.
    Good post, if I wasn’t member of WA I would have followed your advice

    • Thanks for the comment, Alex.

      Yeah sometimes I feel like profit IS my passion. It is a fine line though, because it might be hard to sustain a work ethic on a subject that feels like you’re pulling teeth to write about. Then again, five figures a month might make anyone love a subject. 

      Take care!


  4. Hi there! I just finished reading your article about finding a niche and just wanted to drop you a quick comment to offer my opinion.

    I have been working online now for a few years and one thing that I really struggled with in the beginning was finding my niche! I think sometimes we make the mistake of over complicating things when we choose a subject to base our business on.

    At first I was trying to pick a niche that I thought would bring me more revenue. I know now that this is the wrong way to go about things.

    In my experience you are always better to pick something that you really enjoy talking about. Simple as that!

    • Hey Andrew,

      Thanks for the comment. I agree, niche selection is something that is over complicated in the marketing Industry. I think its because a lot of people want to make sure they don’t invest 6 months of time into something that won’t generate traffic. 

      Anyway, take care. Good luck on your journey!


  5. Great tips for new affiliate marketers choosing their niche, so many niches you can explore in the health, wealth and sex industries.

    I was wondering if it would be possible to connect all three of these niches in one blog website? This would cover the three main industries, but is it possible to earn an income combining them all in one blog successfully

    • Thanks for the kind words, Jeffrey.

      I think you absolutely can combine all three categories on a website. I feel like it would be an endeavor I would like to do further down the road as it will take a lot more effort and probably outsourcing. To rank high in all three niches at the same time means there will literally need to be three times more content and SEO.

      Tim Ferris’ blog can be a good example of that. The topics that he discusses range very widely. But, then again, he has a podcast, a few books published, and hundreds of thousands of followers. It’s a scale thing, for sure.

      Once again, thanks for the comment, I appreciate it!


  6. Being an affiliate marketer can be very rewarding bot in the fact that you can choose a niche that you are passionate about and that you get to help people.
    Wealthy Affiliate is the one and only program where you can accomplish this. It offers so many different tools to help you succeed in doing this.
    I have never seen a training and support group like they offer. It’s amazing to be able to work with members and owners who really care and want to help you.
    So, find that niche, build that website, get traffic, and make money. It’s all about helping others.
    Would you suggest picking and staying with one niche or doing several?

    • Hey Rob,

      Seems like you’re showing up on a few of my articles these days lol.

      From what I’ve read so far, it seems the best way to start is to stick with a niche and get good at making revenue from that one website and then to duplicate what you did. Well, at least that’s what I’m trying to do at the moment. 


  7. Hi Wilson, I can agree with the idea of choosing a niche that you are passionate about, but I also think that you need to choose a niche that has a reasonable amount of competition. From experience, I choose a video gaming niche, and oh goodness my site was roasted by SEO. No matter how many times I tried to find keywords, key phrases, I could never generate anything above 60 viewers a day, and overall the whole 6-month process of trying to even make a cent with my gaming niche website was feeling like an overall downhill battle.

    What I should have done was find a sub-niche within my gaming niche, something like “sick ps4 controller designs” or something, instead of just reviewing games.

    • Oh man, video game reviews. We live and learn, I guess. I think that niche is dominated by big boys like Gamespot and IGN. They have teams of editors and employees. Thank you for the tip of going into a sub-niche.

      Sometimes that’s whats required when there is a fair amount of competition. Still, 60 viewers a day is quite a good start. I would love to have that right now for my website lol. Thanks for the comment, Jacob!


    • Hey, Thanks for reading!
      I’m glad this article helped you with your online-business journey. Wishing you all the best.


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