Life: The Original Role-playing Game

A large part of the satisfaction we get from RPG video games is “leveling up”. It’s literally addictive. And for good reason. Our brains are wired to notice incremental improvements as the result of consistent self-driven effort. Our DNA craves its source. We can think of this addiction to leveling up as similar to how … Read more

You’re a Sales Person!

Sales is, in part, figuring out the best way to present our ideas so that it is properly received by our audience. Although nothing can ever be communicated perfectly, and our message will inevitably be lost upon a percentage of the audience, it’s in the process of figuring out how to give the most value … Read more

Knowing The Way Broadly

Knowing The Way Broadly

“If you know the way broadly you will see it in everything.” ― Miyamoto Musashi Why are some people just victorious in everything they do? Upon entering a vocation, it seems as though it’s just a matter of time before they make an impact in it. We’ve all met special people like this in our … Read more

Overconfidence is a Killer

On Being Over-Confident

Cockiness, arrogance and smugness are a few of the negative character traits associated with over-confidence. Why do people act like this to the detriment to their social and professional life? Nobody likes a braggart, but they are so common. And, turns out, it’s a trait that is predominantly male. Makes sense – when you think … Read more

It’s All Quite Ridiculous

A thought that entered my mind today while I was working out : “This is all pretty fucking ridiculous”: Rows of human beings, gathered in a room – often too crowded and gross – systematically moving their bodies…for no apparent reason. It’s surreal. It’s culture. Cultural context. Teleport your ancestor into the midst of a … Read more