On The Importance of Writing

Learning how to write well may actually seem like a waste of time sometimes. We may ask ourselves why we put up with the suffering of writer’s block. Maybe it’s better to not put up with it and just stop writing altogether. Look around you – most people don’t write everyday. Most people have not … Read more

Are You Entrepreneur Material?

Is a creative-driven career, like entrepreneurship, realistically attainable for you? For just everyone? If so, is there such thing as a silver-platter “course” or “program” that can easily make it attainable for everyone? This article seeks to explore these topics, in which we must carefully consider before making the decision to dedicate our life to … Read more

Why Visualization is Important

“Visualize your goals.” It’s like a “self-development” industry platitude by now, but nonetheless, a very, very important habit to implement into our lives. One could say, visualization is an optional activity – something woo woo, law of attraction, and “new agey” stuff. This is because it seems like such an unsophisticated activity… What? Am I suppose to … Read more

On Ideological Possession

You might not realize it, but self-righteousness is highly addictive. You know…the feeling of self-righteousness- the feeling that you were “right all along” is just…fantastic. Because of this good feeling, this dopamine rush that being right gives us, our tendency is to latch onto ideas that fit our paradigm of thinking, even if they are logically false or destructive. Sort of like how a heroin addict … Read more