Investing in Yourself

To invest is to not squander our resources, which we may be so inclined to do, but to consciously plan for our future with these resources. There are many ways you can invest in yourself. Financial Investments On Paper… If you think about how to invest in yourself financially, then investing in yourself means taking … Read more

Say My Name

You know, that Destiny’s Child song is a classic. Besides that though, the title is, “Say My Name” because it’s what your business should not-so-secretly be hoping for in regards to media platforms in 2019. It is a feasible way your brand can experience sudden, exponential growth. Nowadays, there are many opportunities for this to … Read more

What Does Having a Personal Brand Mean?

Once you’ve had enough of being pathetic and weak, you have two paths to choose from: You can push yourself to your fullest capacity and have a positive, hopeful, learning attitude as you sacrifice immediate gratification for future glory.Despite the anger… laziness… the cravings… you’ll continue to aim towards what is right- What will set … Read more