Why You Need a Personal Brand in 2019

There are a lot of people living mediocre lives but don’t have to. Creative people have more opportunities to make a living now than ever thanks to the internet. If you feel like you have moe to offer to world, keep reading. So, that means I’m not talking about you- Doctors, Engineers, Dentists and other high paying occupations. … Read more

You’re Getting Better

Here’s to “getting better”. Whatever it may be… You got stronger. You made more money this month. You’ve been consistent in pursuing your goals. You made a couple of new friends, and it seems like they may like your awkward ass… You met a girl. Congratulations! You’re gettin’ better. Pretty rough around the edges, but, … Read more

Consistent Improvement is Unstoppable

Check out this Jordan Peterson Video: Unstoppable That is, once you’ve figured it out, you will be unstoppable. But what is there to figure out? First off, every decision you make is made at a crossroads of all other decisions. Okay, well, you’ve made a decision to read the rest of this article. And, consequentially, … Read more