Hey, thanks for visiting. I write high-brow marketing content.

Just kidding….Sorta… I mean, If you like this kind of stuff, you’re probably a lot more successful than a lot of people. Partly because you like good content and you stay away from bad content.

High-brow, it is.

Why am I doing this?

I did a personality test that was designed by Dr. Jordan B Peterson. I’ve been on a personal growth journey for almost half my life, and I believe the culmination of all that learning led me to Dr. Peterson’s work, giving me, cliche as it is, something that you can call a breakthrough. In this personality test, I tested very high for “openness” and “creativity”, and the implications of these traits run very very deep, but I will not bore you with that because it is irrelevant to this blog.

The reason why I mentioned this test, is because it led to my decision to go all-in on an endeavor which suits my strengths and ambitions, instead of meandering in my life, which I had been doing. I love creating content, whether it is video, or written. You will only continue to grow as a person if you are also sharing and teaching as you’re learning.

You could say Dr. Peterson’s test gave me the scientific backing to pursue the endeavor in front me, which I had been pulled towards for the last few years, with full force. So here I am now, creating(or at least trying to), and hoping to give value back to the internet world, where I have learned so much.

Some would say that we do not truly learn something until we can teach others what we learned effectively.

This gave me a brand new perspective on the reason why so many experts in so many fields end up sharing their how-tos to the world. One could ask themselves: are they not creating more competition for themselves? Won’t this make it harder for their creations to have value?

But time and again, these experts remain successful, and actually become more successful as they shift from learning to teaching. I believe this is because teaching and sharing is the lineal progression for their journey. Which means, if they want to grow any more in their life, financially and spiritually, they must start to share to the world in a massive way. This is something someone who has reached a level of success knows intuitively, or else they would not be there in the first place.

On the other hand, this is valuable information for anyone who isn’t progressing towards greater success, because the great thing about this principle is that one may start to share and teach right away.

We can all give what we know and add value wherever we are in our lives, and it will give us movement in our personal growth. I deeply believe that authentically sharing ourselves in any endeavor is what gives it true value.

The Goal

The age old question of: How to live? I’m not going to answer that for you, but I will share with you what I’ve learned while asking that question to myself for a very long time.

This blog, which is essentially my ability to reach you, would not have been possible without the inspiration I received from a community of great people I discovered, you guessed it, on the internet (this is where a lot of revolutionary things are happening, I think). I am learning a lot of things, and it can be summarized into two categories: create content, express myself, and give value to the world through my interests and passions; strategically monetizing myself as a brand. A fine balance has to occur between these two aims as too much focus on monetizing can lead one to be a sell-out, but too little focus on it, and we do not make a livelihood with all our hard work. Anyway, thank you for reading all this, and I hope it wasn’t too much rambling. Let’s go and express yourselves: that’s what it’s all about!


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