What Does Having a Personal Brand Mean?

Once you’ve had enough of being pathetic and weak, you have two paths to choose from: You can push yourself to your fullest capacity and have a positive, hopeful, learning attitude as you sacrifice immediate gratification for future glory.Despite the anger… laziness… the cravings… you’ll continue to aim towards what is right- What will set … Read more

On Ideological Possession

You might not realize it, but self-righteousness is highly addictive. You know…the feeling of self-righteousness- the feeling that you were “right all along” is just…fantastic. Because of this good feeling, this dopamine rush that being right gives us, our tendency is to latch onto ideas that fit our paradigm of thinking, even if they are logically false or destructive. Sort of like how a heroin addict … Read more

How To Avoid Toxic Consumerism

The Merriam Webster definition of money is: “something generally accepted as a medium of exchange, a measure of value, or a means of payment”. A simple concept. It is a social utility… We need it to properly trade with each other in a fair and systematic way. On the other hand, the responsible stewardship of … Read more