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I’d like to brand my content as “high-brow” marketing. Increase revenue for your back-end offers with captivating, highly functional advertising strategies.

I know, high-brow sounds pretentious.

I mean, If you like this kind of content, you likely value high-quality workmanship and innovative creativity. You’re probably a lot more successful than a lot of people because of this. You probably want to work with someone that thinks like you.

So, high-brow, it is.


Why is effective writing (let’s call it copy-writing from now on) important to your brand’s message? 

While we all have the intention of sharing our brand’s message… but that’s not good enough. 

Nobody’s listening.

However great your product is, and exceptional your service – which I’m sure they are – good intentions does not mean that your message is effectively passed on to whoever you want it passed on to.

Have you considered these 2 problems to consider when you’re branding your product:

  1. Have you thought about the effectiveness of your message? Is it concise, well-written, recognizable among the competition, unified under a strong brand idea?
  2. Do your emails and sales pages convey the proper message, catered to your demographic so that they take action? Does your content add value to your customer’s specific pain-points?

Sign-ups, sales, and engagement will drastically improve if you solve these 2 problems.

“Good writing is good thinking clearly expressed.” 

I’m here to help you with the clearly expressed part.

Why me?

Here’s some of the content I’ve been consistently pumping out for a bit.

Like you, I appreciate good content. Similar to a good song or a good movie, crafted-words puts you into flow-state.

As you put together these bits and pieces of ideas, weaved into existence by a writer’s voice, time becomes irrelevant.

It’s human nature to be captivated by a powerful idea.

The world is built by these ideas.. We’ve cleverly assembled these packets of ideas into books to deliver them. In those books – words. Words that can trigger intuition, inspire emotion, and move people.

There’s not a lot of things more interesting to me than figuring this craft out and serving your business while I’m doing it.


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